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Fantasy rolls (2 pers.)                                                            € 6.50
freshly baked bread rolls with aïoli & homemade tomato tapenade.


Carpaccio Traditional                                                              € 10.50

thin sliced carpaccio of fresh beefsteak stuffed with grated old cheese, arugula,

roasted pine nuts & the Aquarius dressing fantasy.

Dutch pride                                                                        € 12.75
wrap filled with Dutch shrimps, wedges of avocado and a fresh salad.

Goat cheese "Gift"                                                                 € 8.90
Creamy goat cheese, onion chudney and balsamic vinegar wrapped in the filo
pastry with green asparagus and dried ham crumbs.

                                             Soups                                 € 4.75
                                                                                   € 6.00
the classic
bound and prepared from fresh tomatoes filled with fresh balls minced
meat & vermicelli.

Winters enjoy
We prepare for you a changing delicious homemade winter soup.

served with a baked
crispy sandwich.
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